180 Youth

Thursday at 6:00pm

New Beginnings’ junior and senior high school student ministry is called 180 as a reminder that when we repent and put our faith in Jesus, we turn away (or “make a 180”) from our sinful desires and turn towards God.

We seek to provide a fun, safe and caring environment for 7th-12th graders — a place where they can hang out and be accepted for who they are while learning about the love of Christ. We want to reach the lost, connect with others, and honor God.

180 meets every Thursday from 6:00 pm to 8:15 pm at the church.

Acts 3:19: “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out…”

Our goal is building relationships and making disciples. Our ministry will not back down from hard questions. We encourage youth to ask questions and seek the truth. We strive to engage in the student's lives and point them to Jesus. We do this with fun games, awesome worship led by our youth and relevant biblical teaching.

What does a 180 night look like?

A typical youth group night at New Beginnings includes worship led by the teens, game time to help them get to know each other and build relationships, group prayer time where youth pray for each other, and a lesson. The lesson is designed to encourage discussion by utilizing small groups and open-ended questions that force youth to turn to the Bible for answers.
Lesson topics over the years have dealt with such things as systematic theology so that youth understand what the Bible says and how to find answers in the Bible. We’ve looked at the differences between Christianity and other religions, studied Pilgrim’s Progress, what the Bible says about conflict and money, and have gone in-depth on various books of the Bible. We also address what the Bible says about current issues – such as mass shootings, transgender issues, and even politics. The Bible is relevant to all of these issues.
On the last Thursday of the month, we hold a “Free-For-All” night where the discussion is based on questions youth bring.